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boost sales productivity

Many biopharma and medical device companies are struggling to get more from their virtual or Inside Sales Teams. We often hear that most of an inside Rep’s day is spent cold-calling on new HCP targets – not selling.


The average Inside Sales Rep makes 40+ cold calls to schedule a detail


The most successful Reps are highly adept at developing customer relationships and then leveraging product data to increase uptake, utilization, and sales. However, many of these same Reps are not effective at the tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming approach needed to get that initial connection – the first meeting. With this inefficient approach, it means only a small portion of the day is spent on higher value efforts of customer relationship development and growing NRx/TRx.

Successful Teams Have Found a Solution.

Leadership of successful Inside Sales Teams have realized they need to divide responsibilities and have moved to utilizing specialized initial outreach and scheduling teams. evoEngage’s outreach specialists focus exclusively on efficient and effective scheduling of detail meetings for their Reps.

Our Outreach Specialists are 167% more efficient in scheduling meetings

evoEngage is the Leader in Effective Sales Team Support and offers multi-tiered solutions:

Our Specialized Outreach Team leverages a unique conversation-based approach to quickly achieve campaign objectives to:

Provide customer service support for HCPs with no Rep coverage

“Fill the funnel” for Inside Sales Support by scheduling detail meetings

Generate confirmed warm leads for Field Reps

Quickly raise product awareness with customers

Increase utilization of education via patient materials and samples

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