Engage More HCPs & Boost Sales Productivity

boost sales productivity

evoEngage has been engaging US Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and practices for over 20 years.

evoEngage assists sales teams by initiating engagement with HCP targets, leveraging existing brand resources and, when appropriate, encouraging meeting with a Sales Rep.

One of the biggest obstacles facing sales teams is creating the first meaningful engagement opportunity with potential customers. The process required takes time, perseverance, and a specific skill set to get past the practices’ gate-keepers to eventually schedule quality time with key HCPs. The more time sales representatives can spend meeting with HCPs as opposed to “cold-calling”, the higher the impact on sales will be.

Having evoEngage conduct customer-friendly initial outreach and navigate the process of scheduling time with HCPs, will allow your team to focus on higher value efforts of customer relationship development and growing NRx/TRx.

Want to Boost Sales Productivity?

We Schedule HCP Meetings for Your Virtual / Inside Sales Reps using our customer centric, white glove approach


Scheduling Rep detail meetings with HCP targets

“Filling the funnel” for Virtual/Inside Sales Reps

Customer service support for HCPs with no Rep coverage

Developing “Warm Leads” for field Reps by generating requests for samples and educational materials


Bring new levels of efficiency and effectiveness to sales efforts

Cost-effective custom solutions

Tech-enabled, proprietary approach leveraging conversational response-based methodology

Dedicated HCP engagement center with experienced specialists solely focused on talking to HCPs and their practices

We deliver an exceptional customer experience driving results and positive ROI

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