evoEngage HCP Engagement Survey Results

evoEngage deployed an HCP engagement survey to Brand Marketers. The objective was to gain a clear understanding of the ever-changing HCP engagement landscape based on feedback from industry colleagues across the country.

Survey responses were representative of biopharma, digital therapeutics, and medical communications companies and 80% had responsibilities in HCP engagement and educational tactics/strategy. Here are the results:

For Live and Virtual Speaker Programs

  • Nearly 80% confirmed that their brands have instituted new restrictions related to Speaker Programs over the past few years. The majority of restrictions include:
    • Reduced speaker bureau size
    • Reduced number of programs
  • Relative to how HCP engagement and education has been impacted, more than 78% were based on fewer programs being scheduled and lower utilization of Speaker Programs, in general, by the Field Force.
  • As far as how HCP customers are invited to educational programming, more than 76% are by Field Force and Non-Personal Promotion, and the remainder by third party personal recruitment and other methods not specified.
  • Overall satisfaction with attendance levels for programming was low, with 75% being dissatisfied and 25% being satisfied.
  • The major obstacles/frustrations your industry colleagues are currently trying to navigate include:
    • Driving the right HCP targets to attend programs
    • Increased focus on executing more virtual programs versus live
    • Converting engagement and education to increased prescribing

For Whitespace/Grayspace HCP Customer Engagement

  • Greater than 95% of Marketers state that those customers not engaged by the Field are not adequately served with existing resources and channels.


evoEngage is able to address the important challenges that brand marketers may be facing and are tenured in helping clients to maintain and grow market share with fewer resources and insufficient sales presence in the field. Every client faces different challenges based on a variety of factors such as product life cycle, competition, product class, and customer demographics. evoEngage works with our clients to develop and execute a customized strategy that makes sense for their specific brands and produce measurable, positive ROI.