Personalized Customer Engagement

Innovative Engagement Model

Target Engagement Based on Learned Physician Insights and Preferences

Apply Target Insights

Apply Target Insights

Initiate Digital Outreach & Tele-Service Engagement

Initiate Digital Outreach &
Tele-Service Engagement

Understand Customer Needs & Objections, Determine Next Best Action

Understand Customer Needs & Objections, Determine Next Best Action

Drive Customers to Appropriate Brand Resources & Educational Programming

Drive Customers to Appropriate Brand Resources & Educational Programming

Accelerate Product Consideration & Adoption

Accelerate Product Consideration & Adoption

Apply Target Insights

Initiate Digital Outreach &

Understand and Manage Customer Needs & Objections

Drive Customers to Brand Resources & Educational Programming

Product Adoption

Personalized Response-Based Methodology

Using Engagement Outcomes to Determine Subsequent Communication/Tactic

Optimized HCP Engagement

evoEngage is focused on assisting our clients accelerate their target HCP​s through the adoption journey one conversation at a time. Unlike traditional non-personal promotion tactics, evoEngage integrates personalized, live outreach to move HCPs along this path. This allows us to better understand objections, ask questions and disseminate the value proposition of your brand by tailoring each campaign specifically to meet your brand needs.

evoEngage provides solutions with objectives ranging from increasing product awareness and event attendance to more comprehensive engagement efforts including scheduling Rep details and customer service support all within an exceptional customer experience framework.

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Examples of How Clients Have Utilized evoEngage

Using Personalized Response-Based Campaigns to Support Marketing and Sales Efforts:

Quickly Raise Product Awareness and Uptake

Multi-national company with new product entry in the US market needed to access, reach, and educate HCPs to gain market share.

evoEngage personalized engagement quickly generated product awareness, developed sampling program, and grew product uptake with HCP targets. 

Outcomes at 6-months:
Nearly 50% of target HCPs requested samples with many confirming new patient starts.

Efficiently Schedule Detail Meetings for Virtual Reps

Virtual Sales Team was inefficiently making cold calls to target HCP customers to schedule detail meetings. Sales leadership needed to increase team’s time detailing HCP customers.

evoEngage customized campaign increased scheduled meetings with HCP customers and facilitated Field Rep meetings with high decile targets where appropriate.

Outcomes at 6-months:
120 detail meetings scheduled for each Rep with new target HCPs – a 50% efficiency improvement.

Accelerate Uptake at New Product Launch

Company launching first product needed to drive high potential HCPs to schedule Rep detail meetings. Generating awareness and educating the broader specialty audience was also critical.

evoEngage rapidly engaged target HCPs increasing consideration of therapy. A two-pronged approach was utilized focusing on both Rep targets and white space customers.

Outcomes at 3-months:
~75 Detail meetings per Rep and 2,000+ deep engagements of webinar attendance or resource requests

Actionable Intelligence & Insights

evoEngage’s unique conversational engagement approach​ delivers unparalleled access and intelligent engagement. Our Engagement Specialists capture data points and insights that determine the “next best action” for each customer. evoEngage leverages these insights to accelerate deep, multifaceted engagements encouraging utilization of existing Brand resources and services.

Boost engagement with enhanced practice/provider insights

Leverage learned insights to personalize each engagement

Maximize the Customer Experience for every HCP

Engagement Team

Engage Customers with Your Brand

Our Engagement Specialists are experts in accessing and engaging the decision makers to accelerate each customer’s journey with your Brand. evoEngage supports each campaign with an experienced dedicated team of strategic, operational, content and data analytics specialists. The goal of this dynamic, agile team is to ensure success markers are achieved per project scope. The majority of the team has been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years and will bring valuable insight to your efforts.

Leading Edge Contact Center

Our Contact Center Reaches HCPs and Drives Conversations

Our Engagement Team leverages software and technology to efficiently access and reach HCPs and drive conversations about your brand. Our CRM systems integrate both outbound and inbound tele-services combined with multi-channel offerings based on individualized HCP “next best action” follow-up. These components allow us to customize engagement for each HCP and maximize reach. We provide custom, flexible, and agile campaigns for our clients using personalized engagement protocols. evoEngage keeps track of all interactions with your customers to improve your sales cycle and provides high levels of campaign success while cost-efficiently delivering an exceptional customer experience to each HCP.

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Proven Outcomes and ROI

evoEngage campaigns are agile and adaptable, and are designed to deliver on Brand KPIs. The evoEngage team continually assesses directional metrics and refines approach to optimize outcomes. Customized reporting allows for Brand team input and review at all points of the campaign.

evoEngage campaigns typically over perform initial objectives and when ROI is measured directly, show significant investment returns. Campaigns often start as pilots, where approach can be quickly refined, and success measured. When proof-of-concept is demonstrated, the pilot is rolled out on a national level.

evoEngage is a strong and reliable partner. From adding insightful analysis of our market data to stepping up when a change of our creative agency was required, they have always been there with a “whatever it takes” attitude. The value that their analytics team brings to the table is unique and provides the support I need when presenting to executive management. Also, they are always looking to improve performance, bringing new approaches and concepts for me to consider.

~ Director of Professional Marketing

Engagement Case Study

60% of Decile 7-10 Successfully Engaged

Increase in Unaided Awareness

  • 38% 38%
  • 68% 68%

Increase in Market Share

  • 4% 4%
  • 9% 9%


Return on Investment (ROI)