Speakers Bureau Management: New Efficient Models Emerging

As brand marketers enter the critical annual planning cycle, many are facing the tough task of getting more from their speakers’ bureau, while at the same time, being forced to reduce costs. The traditional approach has been to reduce the number of speakers and to cut back on programs allotted to the field. This path leads to upset speakers and a frustrated field force. evoEngage has been working with our clients to implement better solutions. Here are a couple top approaches:


Leverage virtual speaker programs for local in-person peer-to-peer meetings:

Multiple Reps can leverage a single national KOL web-event as local dinner/lunch programs for their customers. This model greatly reduces costs per HCP attendee while still providing an effective educational setting where customers can share their clinical experiences.

New web-based meeting formats are highly interactive, simulating live in-person engagements. It is imperative to find a vendor partner that focuses on web-based meeting implementation to ensure that meetings are dynamic and effective learning platforms that provide measurable registration and attendance tracking.

Speaker honoraria are often significantly lower for programs that occur online. Many KOL speakers prefer conducting programs from their practice or from their home office, allowing them to conduct meetings to educate their peers more frequently while increasing their availability to spend more time with family and friends.

Conduct speaker training updates on-line:

New technology such as video conferencing allows for virtual breakout rooms. This means that speakers have the opportunity to participate in small group discussions via web-based training, while still maintaining enhanced learning opportunities.

This model also allows for compliance tracking  and reporting of mandated attendance and engagement, such as, log-in and log-off time stamps and responses

evoEngage is a leader in leveraging technology to bring KOL speakers and customers together, virtually. If you would like to learn more and explore how you can make your peer-to-peer budget work harder for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

“Pharma marketers stated that Virtual Programming was the #1 area they were looking to increase investment.

— evoEngage Snap Poll


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